A Clockwork Orange: Extended Theme Music, 2009 Version

Transgendered Musician Miss Denise Hewitt performs a version of Purcell’s Funeral March of Queen Mary II, by way of Walter/Wendy Carlos’ classic synth soundtrack for A Clockwork Orange.

via MissDeniseHewitt:

Welcome to my Spring 2009 Version of the Theme Music from the soundtrack of Stanley Kubrick’s futuristic film – A Clockwork Orange.

I recorded this version to celebrate my 10th Anniversary On-Line – March 1999 to March 2009 Wow! – Originally my on-line tag line in the olden days of Web1.0 was “Denise in Cyberspace”, but since the birth of YouTube and Web2.0 I’ve updated my channel tag to “Dressed for the Classics” – Enjoy the power, depth & beauty of Henry Purcell’s Eternal Theme played on a 20thC Technics PR903 Digital Piano!

Originally written by Henry Purcell (1659 – 1695) for the Funeral March of Queen Mary II (Died 28th December 1694) – This 17th Century Classic Processional Funeral March was originally scored for 4 trumpets, and then adapted for the Main Opening Title Theme Music of the 1971 film “A Clockwork Orange” which was directed by Stanley Kubrick.

he electronic synthesized soundtrack was orchestrated by Wendy Carlos, together with Rachel Elkind, including adaptations of several other extremely well known classical music compositions including several parts of Beethoven’s Chorale 9th Symphony. The full soundtrack also includes excerpts from the William Tell Overture, the Thieving Magpie, Land of Hope and Glory, and the well-known 1st and 4th Pomp and Circumstance Marches composed by Sir Edward Elgar.

Wendy Carlos has been one of my musical inspirations and role models since my teenage years with her revolutionary & futuristic Moog Synthesizer adaptations that include “Switched-on-Bach” from way back in 1968, and of course the highly creative soundtrack for “A Clockwork Orange”. More info on music genius Wendy Carlos at: http://www.wendycarlos.com/

This very personal interpretation and improvised extension of Henry Purcell’s – “Music for the Funeral March & Procession of Queen Mary” (1694) is performed on a vintage late-1990s Technics PR903 Electronic Keyboard by amateur transgendered musician – Miss Denise Hewitt.

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