Akai EWI, With Circuit Bent Speak And Math CV MIDI Synth

Here’s the details on this bizarre little circuit bent noise jam, featuring and Electronic Wind Instrument and a bent Speak and Math used as a MIDI synth module:

The akai ewi 3000 uses control voltages and has an all analog signal path with it’s dedicated module.

In this example the ewi 3000m module sends midi to the speak and math as well as control voltages brought to the surface of the 3000m on banana jacks. the banana jacks are sent to a cv control box which is essentially a foot switch box with various logic functions and and open ended patchable interface. ewi controls overall pitch of the speak and math based on pitch fingering cv output in conjunction with octave key cv output.

The midi is a retrofit kit available by highly liquid and accesses the speak and math’s rom by triggering key commands. this modification gives the user a wealth of circuit bent sounds accessed by midi note triggering. the speak and math’s output is sent back to the 3000m’s analog amplifiers and filters via breath control on the ewi. there are various note sustain loops and a photo theremin available on the surface of the speak and math via stomp switches. the stomp switches activate leds to indicate on/off. also a big knob with a rubber boot that can be played with the feet.

This is my first run through of my speak and math cv midi synth

via spunkytoofers

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