Using Volta With The Buchla 200e Modular Synthesizer

This is a video demo of MOTU’s Volta controlling the Buchla 200 modular synthesizer.

Volta is a virtual instrument plug-in that lets you play and automate modular synthesizers—or any hardware equipped with control voltage (CV) inputs—from your favorite host audio workstation software.

Here are the details on this demo:

The Buchla 200e presents a significant system integration challenge, with its 0 to +10v and 1.2v/oct interfacing standard. What this means is you really need to invest in an entire system all at once. By using Volta to integrate Buchla modules, the cost of entry is significantly lowered, because it is possible to start with a single Buchla module.

Volta also offers some advantages over using the Buchla MIDI decoder module. For example, in this video, we demonstrate a Buchla 261e oscillator (@ 1.2v/oct), played in unison with a TipTop Audio Z3000 (@ 1v/oct) with portamento. We also demonstrate three-way Buchla oscillator modulation synced to a project, which allows for real-time beat-synced host-based effects, which in this example is Audio Damage’s Big Sequencer 2 effect plug-in. MOTU BPM is providing drums.

The oscilloscope software used is MOTU Cuemix FX which is included in a free software update for registered users of the Ultralite mk3, 896mk3 and 828mk3.

via Matthew Davidson

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