Create Gated Sequence Effects with Ultrabeat

This is a nice screencast by Audiotuts+ that demonstrates how to create gated sequence effects with Ultrabeat.

Explains author Toby Pitman:

I’ve only just scratched the surface of what Ultrabeat is capable of in this tutorial. When it comes to drum sounds Ultrabeat rivals any software on the market. Its ability to combine analogue with sample synthesis allows for literally any percussive sound to be produced and we’ve seen it’s not just for drums. You could do a month’s worth of tutorials and still have more left over before you covered it all. This is testament to Logic’s feature set which is really deep once you delve into it. Next time you reach for Stylus RMX give Ultrabeat a thought. It might just become your favorite drum plug-in.

More info at the Audiotuts+ site.

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