Access Virus Dance Music Demo

This demo of the Access Virus, via Pulsebass, explores dance music sounds.

Video Description:

This is a new Synth I have and its great with loads of cool sounds you get in todays old previous tracks
Remember I am not demonstrating my skill but the synth itself to a few people i know
Note:I cant remember all the names for the clips as im rubbish with names I just know tunez :o)

1: Binary Finary – 1999
2: Wiley – Wearing my rolex
3: Dune – Hardcore Vibes
4: Vengaboyz – Up and Down
5: Mr Ozio – Flat Beat
6: Blue Monday – How Does it feel
7: Zombie Nation – Kernkraft 400
8: Sunclub – Fiesta
9: eurythmics – sweet dreams
10: Alex gaudino – Destination Calabria
11: Not sure Need help
12: Visage – Fade to Grey
13: some Hardcore song
14: One I kinda made up

2 thoughts on “Access Virus Dance Music Demo

  1. “Blue Monday – How Does it feel” is actually New Order’s “Blue Monday”. 🙂

    That Zombie Nation riff is actually derived from the C64 game, Lazy Jones.

    Nice to see Visage on there, tho. They’re kinda underrated in terms of the archetypical 80s synth sounds.

    Fun riffs! I was so thrilled to discover my Access Virus had a preset that sounded very similar to the lead on BT’s “Godspeed” (and less evident, but present on “Flaming June”).

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