Roland JD-800 + Waldorf Microwave II – “Evangelos”

Roland JD-800 + Waldorf Microwave II “Evangelos”

This is a vintage synth demo by RetroSound. Details below.

via retrosound72


pads: Roland JD-800 (hold pedal)
choir sound and cs-80 like brass sound: Waldorf Microwave II (played with the Yamaha DX7 II)

You can find the MP3 of this demo on my MySpace page.

more info: and

2 thoughts on “Roland JD-800 + Waldorf Microwave II – “Evangelos”

  1. The JD 800 was such a beast! Remember when the music store in Pittsburgh got the unit in and I wore out the nerves of the staff
    playing with it. It has so much power and those gorgeous Roland Saw waves! Thanks for posting-much appreciated!

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