Micronaut – Axial

via Chris Randall:

This is a video shot and edited entirely by my 16-yr old cousin Michael for one of my micronaut tracks while he stayed with me for his spring break. It was shot with a Cannon HV20, edited in Final Cut Express, with minor post in After Effects. It consists of footage he shot around PDX. Just to be clear, my input consisted almost entirely of explaining to him how quickly the edits should happen for “glitch” style videos, and showing him some Chris Cunningham work. Otherwise, he came up with this entirely on his own.

For the micronaut song, gear used is MKS80 for the melody, Goldbaby samples for the drums, Soniccouture Abstract Bass (pt. 3) for the bass, and some sample I had lying about that I can’t remember the source of for the electric piano part. Audio Damage effects, plus the Eventide H8000 for the pitch-shifted part on the melody and reverbs. Recorded and mixed in Cubase.

The track is embedded below, if you want to download it.

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