Free Delay Effect For Mac, Windows


Mutagene 2WarpDelay is a feedback delay featuring 2 frequency-warped lattice filters in the feedback paths. Lattice filter coefficients are scanned from a bitmap that can be user definable or are extracted in real-time from the input signal.

2WarpDelay v1.5 is available for Mac OSX (Intel only) as a freeware effect plug-in (v1.2 for Windows is still available as well).

via Rekkerd

One thought on “Free Delay Effect For Mac, Windows

  1. Coming from a dub science perspective, I usually get better results from hardware, but this little gem has my attention. Being able to make my own delay formulas is absolutely awesome. I may even d-load this and access the computer thru the sound card into ‘aux’ on the mixer, and adjust the levels on the fly. It wouldn’t work live (we banned computers from our live show) but in the studio I have a feeling I would actually use this. The fact that it is free makes it even cooler. Thankfully Mary is a mac user, we’ll put it in her computer. 🙂

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