Peter Smith’s Secret Synth Project

This is a quick demo of Peter Smith’s secret synth project – now not so secret synth project.

This instrument has two separate synthesizers with their own sequencers. Each synth also has it’s own set of processors with different modes for ‘clean’, ‘granualize’ and ‘destroy’, as well as 2 different LFOs per synth. It also features a simple drum machine with distortion and bit crush based effects.

via SmithComposition:

This is a demonstration of a software synthesizer workstation that I have been working on for a while. Built with synthedit, it is one of many projects that I am in the process of designing for possible use in my own music.

I am still working on the graphical interface and appearance.I also have a simpler version of this software (vst) without the sequencer or drum machine, which I will make available for download on my website when it is ready.

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