Synthpond On The iPhone Driving MKS-80

In this video, Chris Randall demos Synthpond on his iPhone driving MKS-80 via OSC/Pd. Using Synthpond as a sequencer to drive other synths makes things a lot more interesting, because of the expanded sound creation options available as soft synths.

Here’s Randall’s explanation of his setup:

As the title says. Synthpond running on my iPhone is talking to Pd via OSC. I made a patch to turn the Synthpond OSC data in to MIDI notes. I’ve got Pd sending MIDI to Cubase via MIDI Yoke.

The MKS-80 is receiving note data from MIDI Yoke in Cubase. All effects are from an H8000FW except reverb, which is [redacted].

Regarding the specific Pd patch, I’ve got the Synthpond /freq to MIDI note, and /life to velocity. Now that I’ve got the proof-of-concept out of the way, I’ll probably route xPos and yPos to CC data to control panning and such, and perhaps wire the Synthpond affectors to fire something else. Once I have the patch more usable, I’ll put it up for download on Analog Industries.

One thought on “Synthpond On The iPhone Driving MKS-80

  1. Not sure what the point is of this, though Synthpond looks pretty.

    Wouldn’t a VST sequencer on the computer be a lot simpler?

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