Oberheim DX Drum Machine

This is a demo of the Oberheim DX drum machine, which has been used by Mike Oldfield, Prince, Human League, New Order, Daft Punk and others.

The Oberheim DX was released pre-MIDI, but some DX’s have been modified with MIDI.

If you’ve used the Oberheim DX, leave a comment with your thoughts!



2 thoughts on “Oberheim DX Drum Machine

  1. I have played one … Back when I was just a wee midi gremlin, working at
    a music store, someone had one on consignment, he wanted WAY too much for it, so it was there for at least a year, and I got to mess with it quite a bit. A very unique, maybe even ‘trademark’ sound. There was also an Oberheim Xpander, and I messed with that monster even more. Massive bass, you could feel it in your belly.

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