Virtual Glass Harmonica For The iPhone


iGlassHarp (App Store link) is a new virtual glass harmonica for the iPhone.


The ‘Glass Harp’ is a Crystallophone, meaning instruments that create sound through the vibration of glass or other brittle substances Also referred to as a “Seraphim” (perhaps due to the heavenly sounds), or “Angelic Organ.”

A Glass Harp consists of a number of crystal glasses of varying sizes. When rubbed along the rim with wet finger, the vibrations create musical notes. Its beautiful tones have been enjoyed since the 1700’s.


  • Actual digitally recorded tones were used in the production
  • 24 sampled notes
  • C Major scale
  • Simple to use
  • Polyphonic

If you’ve used iGlassHarp, leave a comment with your thoughts!

One thought on “Virtual Glass Harmonica For The iPhone

  1. I think its really neat. The sounds are awesome and you can play several sounds at once to mix them together. It would make a great instrument for background music in a church band

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