Cakewalk Ships New Line Of Audio & MIDI Interfaces


Musikmesse 2009: Cakewalk announced that its new line of cable-based audio & MIDI interfaces is now shipping. The UA-1G USB audio interface, and UM-1G, UM-2G, and UM-3G MIDI interfaces are Mac and PC compatible and USB-bus powered.

UA-1G Audio Interface

The UA-1G is a compact Stereo In/Stereo Out USB Audio Interface that offers excellent sound quality via multiple connection options and a simple, user-friendly design.

  • 24-bit/96kHz audio quality
  • Low latency ASIO 2.0 performance (PC); UA-1G is also WDM (Windows Vista, Windows XP) and Core Audio (Mac OS X) compatible
  • Large Input Level knob for easy control while recording
  • Includes Cakewalk’s SONAR LE digital audio workstation for high-quality music recording, mixing, editing, and publishing
  • Contains high-end A-D and D-A converters for accurate recording and playback
  • An electric condenser microphone input that’s similar to, but higher quality than, the ‘MIC-IN’ on most internal soundcard
  • Headphone output with volume control to quickly and easily listen to audio from your computer
  • A _” jack with Hi-Z switch option, which is ideal for recording high-impedance instruments like electric guitar or bass
  • S/PDIF optical I/O

Three MIDI Interfaces

The new UM-1G, UM-2G, and UM-3G MIDI interfaces are designed to be affordable solutions to easily connect MIDI devices with a computer through a USB connection.

Each MIDI interface:

  • is Mac and PC compatible
  • is a compact, cable-style interface with a sleek form factor
  • conveniently incorporates an independent MIDI Out/Thru hardware selection switch for each output, providing functionality even if your computer is turned off
  • provides FPT (Fast Processing Technology) for fast, stable MIDI data transmission, as well as lower latency performance through FPT’s Advance Driver mode
  • offers standard OS-based driver mode for instant connection to computers, even when drivers are not available

UM-1G in detail:

  • 1-In/1-Out MIDI port with LED indicators for MIDI I/O signal monitoring
  • MIDI Check switch for quick troubleshooting of MIDI connections
  • MIDI cables are engraved with ‘Connect to MIDI In’ and ‘Connect to MIDI Out’ labels for no confusion when connecting devices
  • Perfect for hobbyists who want to connect a MIDI keyboard to a computer, or musicians who need MIDI connectivity to control or record music with a computer
  • Ideal for small studios or academic settings where only one MIDI device will be connected in close proximity to the computer
  • In live performance settings, use the UM-1G to control a synth, drum machine, MIDI light set-up, or master recording console

UM-2G in detail:

  • Features 2-In/2-Out MIDI ports for 32 channels of MIDI to control hardware and software
  • Provides ability to connect multiple MIDI keyboards, sound modules, control surfaces, and other devices to a computer
  • Ideal for musicians, producers or recording engineers with more than one MIDI device in a small studio or portable MIDI configuration

UM-3G in detail:

  • 3-In/3-Out MIDI Ports
  • Control up to 48 channels of MIDI equipment
  • Expandable design allows you to daisy-chain up to three UM-3G interfaces, providing nine total MIDI inputs and outputs without the need for additional USB Ports
  • Advanced Driver mode uses FPT (Fast Processing Technology) to ensure low-latency, even with three UM-3G interfaces daisy-chained together
  • Up to 3 units can be rack-mounted via Roland RAF-70 kit, available separately
  • Ideal MIDI interface for the mid- to larger-sized studio
  • Out or Thru selectable switches built-in; select between MIDI Out and MIDI Thru for each output port
  • Great for live settings using multiple MIDI applications, including traditional instruments, synths, sequencers and live sound, lighting, and special effects

Pricing and Availability:

Recommended UK retail prices for the UM-1G, UM-2G and UM-3G MIDI interfaces will be £44.99, £54.99 and £84.99 respectively. The UA-1G USB Audio interface is available at a RRP of £94.99.

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  1. Great to see Cakewalk finally putting out their own line! They’ve been one of the big players that haven’t had their own hardware so I’m sure Cakewalk fans will have a serious look into some of these boxes

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