6 thoughts on “Exotic Hexagonal Modular Synthesizer At Musikmesse

  1. This does look cool, but can it do anything better than existing synths?

    There’s a reason modular synths are normally vertical – you end up with a mess of patch chords, otherwise.

    I’d like to see more info or a demo on this…..

  2. just talked to a guy at the booth about these. apparently its just an early prototype (which is why theres almost no info about them). they work like a modular synth, but instead of running cables between units, you can connect them next to each other in different configurations. i didnt hear any particularly amazing sounds from them, but it is a cool concept..

    got some more photos and a video of them in action (not the best quality, but will upload soon anyway)

  3. The Swedish Dataton 3000 modular FM synth made in the mid 70ies
    had the same concept, and even better, boxes was square and could connect at any end to any other module, like Rubics Kube but in 2D.
    It sold a number of systems primary to schools and institutions,
    the company are still around doing visual effects.

    Modules came in quad, 4 VCOs, Four VCF, Four ADSR etc had a sophisticated polyphonic microprocessor sequencer.

    So the concept is far from new. Sorry!

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