Free Update For Fantom-G Users

This is a video tour of the new Fantom-G “FG Connects” project download, a free update for Fantom-G owners.


Made exclusively for the Fantom-G series workstations, this free download provides new content to inspire owners of the Fantom-G, including new rhythm patterns, new rhythm kits, chord memories, and new edits of the most popular arpeggio phrases.

The FG Connects project includes:

  • Over 600 rhythm patterns easily accessible with the Fantom-G’s Dynamic Pads
  • Over 100 new chord memories that reproduce the voicings of different instrument styles, all with the push of a button
  • 128 edited arpeggio phrases for guitar, bass, keyboards, and more
  • 32 Rhythm Pattern Sets
  • 8 Chord Memory Sets
  • 10 Arpeggio Sets
  • 14 New Rhythm Sets

“The FG Connects download gives Fantom-G owners more tools to express their creativity,” says Product Marketing Manager Vince Laduca. ”Users can trigger the new patterns, chords and re-tooled arpeggio phrases with the Fantom-G’s Dynamic Pads to accelerate and inspire their creative flow.”

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One thought on “Free Update For Fantom-G Users

  1. this does not work………….followed all the instructions but will not load to the brd vai usb, can anyone help please:).
    Also, I am unable to even connect to the computer…..When I plug in the usb drive from the brd going into the computer it tells me to load the cd which I do, and it all loads, but nothing shows up under "my computer" to say that the brd is connected….so I cant even click drag and!!!!!!
    Love the brd by the way!!!!. Im sure these are only teething problems

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