Random Effects With Synthesizers.com Q960 Sequencer

This video demostrates randomizing Synthesizers.com Q960 Sequencer sequences.

Patch details below.

via davidryle:

Randomizing the timing to the Synthesizers.com Q960 step sequencer by using a Noise Generator into a Sample & Hold then the output voltage to an Instrument Interface module. Tweak it just right and you get a random gate pulse for the shift input on the Q960 sequencer.

This track also uses the Pan module to give a stereo ping pong effect from two separate oscillator, filter, envelope and amplifier voices. Two hard synchronized LFO’s sculpted the filter even more for a tighter pulse sound. A Ring modulator and tuning the oscillator voices in octaves gave a variety to the voices. The Trigger bus module gave accent selection on one filter voice. All modules are Arrick Robotics synthesizers.com. The reverb is a Lexicon MX200.

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