Sample Logic WaterHarp


Sample Logic has released WaterHarp, a sample library that not only contains traditional samples of the waterphone instrument, but goes way beyond by morphing the signature Waterphone sound, creating new organic instruments.

WaterHarp Features:

  • 1.8 GB direct download containing 300 instruments and audio samples.
  • WaterHarp not only includes amazing, ready-to-play, acoustically sampled Waterphone ensembles, but also dives heavily into the world of score-ready morphed instruments.
  • Instrument categories include: Ambience (68), Impacts (67), Tempo-Synced Rhythms (83), Stingers (35), Transitions (27), Untreated Ensembles (14), Bonus Material (7).


This WaterHarp library delivers Mind-bending ambiences, Suspenseful tension building stingers, Tempo-synced percussive rhythms, and Explosive score-ready impact textures. This library is a must have addition for all film, TV, and game composers. WaterHarp is designed to streamline your workflow with its well-organized genre specific instruments and performance-ready interface. With WaterHarp, you will spend less time searching and more time creating.

WaterHarp is available as a sample library for Kontakt for $49.99 USD.

2 thoughts on “Sample Logic WaterHarp

  1. Unbelievable sample pack! Got it 2 days ago and love it. The production quality is fantastic and it’s quick to compose with.

  2. Are you freaking kidding me? This is so great! I just downloaded it off the Sample logic site and got to say at first was not going to go through and buy this, but after a few minutes of going through the mountains of instruments and killer stylus RMX style beats the verdict is out. Even though WaterHarp is so cheap in cost, it certainly gives you your moneys worth. I am now a true believer… Thanks Synthtopia for showing me this. Bookmarking Synthtopia as we speak 🙂 …

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