Glitch Cuts Audio Loop Library

glitch-cuts-audio-loopsGlitch Cuts, the latest release from the Prime Loops Team, contains over 1,000 dark, sporadic glitches, percussions, drums, and effects samples.


Each sound has been made from scratch, and over 20 Hardware synthesizers have been used to create this Nu-Era Series release which boasts one of the most diverse and intricate collections of glitch material released to date.

What can you expect from this collection? Files seperated into; Hisses, Klangs, 8-Bit, Industrial, Clicks, Noise, Distortion, Bass, Hat, Snare, Percussion, Circuits, LFO, Modulation, Lo-Fi, Mechanical, Pitched, Buzz, Soundscape, Stretched, Synth….

The sounds ranges from robotic glitches to crushed percussions, pure white noise alchemy to circuit bent mayhem, defragmented sonic drum electronics to dark metallic collisions, and that’s just for starters!

Glitch Cuts is available for download in various formats (24-bit) for £12.95 GBP.

Audio demos and a free download for Glitch Cuts are available at the Prime Loops site.

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