8 thoughts on “Hot Butter’s Percolator, The Sequel To Popcorn

  1. I didn’t know there was a sequel, either! But the instrumentation, structure, and rhythm all sound very Popcorn-ish. Kinda like how Mike Oldfield’s later Tubular Bells revisit some earlier ground with alternate melodies.

  2. There was a very similar little “blip” riff used to advertise a variety of coffee (I think it was Brim) on television… not quite the exact same notes, but only off by the last one I think. I have this image in my head of the glass top on a coffee percolator, with the little spurts of coffee percolating in time to the notes.

    Or, I could just be completely misremembering history, as I apparently was when remembering a chain of hamburger restaurants in the US in the ’70s called Hamburger Joy.

    A lesson to you, kids… don’t watch too much television, rots your brain… go buy a synth instead.

  3. You kids remember that rave classic the Perculator by Cajmere? Anywho, it was the shit, while tripping balls on E at 4am.

    hahaha ~ a little dated now, though. (Not as much as the fashion in this video). Oddly enough, even more so then the Hot Butter version, which for sure came to a boil first.

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