Jean Michel Jarre’s Tribute To His Father, Maurice Jarre

Jean Michel JarreComposer Maurice Jarre died in Los Angeles last weekend, after a long battle with cancer. Jarre, 84, won Oscars for his scores for Lawrence Of Arabia, Doctor Zhivago and A Passage To India.

“I think his legacy is to have been amongst those who really revolutionised the modern soundtracks world,” said Jean Michel Jarre of his father. “The specificity of his work and his talent was to create such strong moods and melodies attached to movies forever. You can listen to three notes of the soundtrack of Lawrence Of Arabia or Dr Zhivago and it’s a very strong reminder of the whole movie.”

Jean-Michel explained why his father’s soundtracks were so different to those made today.

Jean Michel is currently working on his In-Doors World Arena Tour, and sees it as an opportunity to keep the memory of his father alive.

“I’m quite moved by starting this world tour and carrying and conveying and spreading his name all around the planet, in the next few days and weeks, so it’s kind of a continuity.”

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