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michael-whalen-tree-of-lifeComposer and sound designer Michael Whalen has released his latest album, The Tree Of Life.

You may download the recording as a free MP3 85 meg or full bandwidth 1.1 GB aiff.

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The Tree Of Life is a continuous 61 minutes of music, inspired by two trips to see the redwoods of the Yosemite Valley in California. Some of the trees there are over 2000 years old.

Inspired by the space of where time is slow and bends over centuries, the sound of this project emerged.


  • Part one: The seedling
  • Part two: Heaven above the canopy
  • Part three: Half Light *
  • Part four: Immortal
  • Part five: The gentle giant
  • Part six: Speaking to trees
  • Part seven: Shanti, Shanti, Shanti

Music composed, produced, recorded, mixed & performed by: Michael Whalen

Electronics, ambiences, piano, keyboards & programming: Michael Whalen

Vocals; Amanda Homi

About Michael Whalen

Whalen has more than 500 television scores and dozens of feature and short film credits to his name.  He created the uplifting opening theme to the ABC News morning show “Good Morning America”, music for the “Oprah Winfrey Show”, Martha Stewart and the news magazine “Inside Edition”. He is a two-time Emmy award-winner and a multiple Emmy-nominated composer, music supervisor and sound designer. His most recent Emmy was in 2008 for PBS’ 8-hour “America at a Crossroads” series. You might have also heard his sprawling score to the acclaimed four-hour 2005 PBS series “Slavery and the Making of America” or his  music for the 2004 indie film “What the Bleep Do We Know”? His music is currently featured on over a dozen shows including the CBS/P & G soap opera, “As the World Turns”.

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