AtomoSynth Mochika2 Synthesizer, 2009 Edition Now Available


AtomoSynth has announced the new Mochika2 2009 edition synthesizer, a $299 boutique synth, now available on ebay.

Specs below. If you’ve used a Mochika2, leave a comment with your thoughts!


This synth features one analog square and saw waveform VCO (voltage controled oscillator) with a huge pitch range, from subsonic to ultrasonic sound.

One square and triangle waveform LFO (low frequency oscillator), that modulates the VCO for the vibrato effect creating old school arcade Atari-like sounds.

White noise generator that triggers the VCO and can create percussion like sounds.

8 step Sequencer with note on/off switch and pitch knob for each step

It features a 1/4 inch audio output, 1/4 inch CV Output (to control other analog gear).

The Mochika2 features a MIDI input to sync the Mochika with any midi device sending midi clock signals, the mochika can sync 1, 2, 4 and up to 8 times the tempo of the master clock midi device, also it can be used as a midi to gate converter to sync other analog gear using the CV output of the Mochika2.

Also the instrument is ligthed with 1 bright red led that indicates the LFO Rate, and 8 red leds to indicate the step that is being played. Very useful when you play it on a dark stage.

The Analog Sequencer is packed in a cool laser cut clear acrilic case that shows all the hand made analog circuitry.

The instrument is powered directly from 110V or 220V AC.

Dimensions: 230mm(W), 170 mm(D), 80mm(H. incuded rubber feet and knobs)

2 thoughts on “AtomoSynth Mochika2 Synthesizer, 2009 Edition Now Available

  1. I just got mine the other day, after a slight delay at UK customs and excise.
    It is sooooooo cute!!! I've only just wired it up and have yet to do anything other than switch it on and listen using headphones, but I can just tell this wee thing is going to be a friend – doesn't do much but what it does it does with such… fun! Music is the combination of fun and beauty 🙂

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