Latinsizer – Celofán Music Video Explores The Musical Properties Of Tomatoes

This is the official music video for LatinsizerCelofán, from the album 110 (nortec Collective, Fussible).

Latinsizer is basically a bunch of synchornized drum machines and synths, controlled by pepe mogt.

via pepemogt:

Latinsizer : “Celoán”
Album : “110”
Label: “Staticdiscos”

Music by Pepe Mogt
Latinsizer basically is a bunch of sincroniced drum machines and synths controlled by pepe mogt.
Started around 1999 and with one Album and 12 inch records(ritmo 55 CD and NOMADA EP 12 inch), a combination of the melodic work of early synth Pop classics and the grit of urban Tijuana.

110 is the second latinsizer Album( August 2008) an electronic disco pop digitalized with analog machines. first debut for Static Discos.

Pepe Mogt has released material with his diferent alias on Because Music(france), Nacional Records(US), Palm pictures label (Tijuana Sessions vol 1), Mil records, Sonic 360 and Nettwerk labels, and has also done remixes and colaborations for Ennio Morricone for a Compost Records, Experimental music pioner Pauline Oliveros, Beck, Toby Dammit, Jessie Evans, Lucrecia(Colombia), Lenny kravitz, Rigo Tovar, 1 Giant Leap, Alan Parsons, David J (Love and Rockets) and Mambotur among others.

Static Discos:
Static Discos is a Mexican independent label based in Tijuana. They are a small group of people bent on bringing forward Mexico’s electronic music and their releases focus on minimal techno, dub, electro and IDM. (Murcof, Fax, Carre, Terrestre, Antiguo Automata Mexicano and others)

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