Awesomely Seventies Synthpop – Lets Dance!

This awesomely seventies synthpop comes from Silicon Teens, from the album – ‘Music for Parties’ (STUMM 2). Silicon Teens was the creation of Mute Records creator Daniel Miller (music and vox)

via civ1002:

Let’s Dance -(MUTE 003) August 1979

recorded not long after ‘TVOD’ and ‘warm leatherette’

MUTE would later be home to such acts as depeche mode, erasure, moby and goldfrapp.

2 thoughts on “Awesomely Seventies Synthpop – Lets Dance!

  1. It’s like early Vince Clarke covering a Ramones song in a childrens hospital!

    This song will haunt my dreams and idle moments for days, I can feel it.

  2. Boy it was freaky when the finnish subtitles started coming 🙂 totally unexpected. Hilarious video for these wild sounds.

    Thanks for the great blog and greetings from Finland!

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