WaveSynth iPhone Synthesizer


Crimson Technology has introduced WaveSynth (App Store link) – a $1.99 wavetable synthesizer for the iPhone.


  • 128 preset sounds and 1 drum set defined by General MIDI specification
  • Pitch Bend Change Control
  • Portamento ON/OFF
  • Mono Mode ON/OFF
  • Reverb / Chorus Effect

If you’ve used WaveSynth, leave a comment with your thoughts!


WaveSynth is a wave table synthesizer keyboard application for iPhone / iPod touch with 128 preset sound tones and 1 drum set defined by General MIDI specification.

It is possible to play various musical instruments sound tone such as piano, guitar, trumpet, strings, flute, drums, percussions and so on.

The keyboard can be selected by 1 octave keyboard or 2 octave keyboard on the display. In every sound tone, most suitable octave is assigned automatically or to be chosen by manual.

In addition to normal keyboard play, various expressions could be added by the Pitch Bend Controller, Portamento, Mono Mode.

Vibrato(Modulation) effect is available if you shake the body.

One thought on “WaveSynth iPhone Synthesizer

  1. It’s a good first effort but I was disappointed in the sample quality and quantity (some instruments are the same but with different names). Latency could be a touch smaller but is usable. It would be cool to be able to use DLS or SF2s of your own and adding a midi compatible sequencer is probably within their ability. Worth the money.

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