The Electronic Music Guide To Cupcakes

Organfairy figured that people love cupcakes and people love electronic music, and decided to make this happy synthpop guide to making cupcakes.

It’s pretty cheesy – but give it a watch and let me know whether, by the end, you end up hungry and grooving on that massive organ sound!

via organfairy:

Some of you may wonder what this baking story has to do with “Granada” and “Lay love on you”. But when Daft Punk can do a techno video about making pasta sauce (“Revolution 909”) I can very well make an organ video about making cupcakes!

The drum machine is a Roland CR-68, the organ is a Yamaha HE-8 and I also used the little Viscount RBX-850 organ and the Roland JX-8P synthesizer.

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