Free Virtual Instrument Sounds Like An Old German Typewriter


Knobster has released Keywriter, a free rompler VST that reproduces the sounds of a German typewriter, Erika.

Note that I’m not referring to you, #1 awesome Synthtopia reader, as Erika. That would be a little pervy.

Unless your name is Erika.

Erika is the brand of German typewriter that the industrious gents at chose to emulate as a free rompler VST.

Now, a rompler that sounds like a German typewriter is probably the last VST on earth that you thought you’d ever need or want.

But this is actually a good thing.

Because it means that all those VSTs that you do need or want have already been invented, and they are available for download for free or for a small sum of money, via your local online music retailer.

Regarding Keywriter, it can be used as a unusual rhythm machine and as a tool for special effects. You can listen to a scintillating example at the site.

Main features of Keywriter:

  • Full range of typewriter sounds;
  • Stereo control;
  • Drive control; and
  • Low CPU usage.

Did I mention the awesome graphic user interface, Erika?

You’ll like it, especially if you’re on PC. If you’re on Mac, you’re out of luck this time.

via Making-music

9 thoughts on “Free Virtual Instrument Sounds Like An Old German Typewriter

  1. Awesome. This reminds me of a japanese air conditioner vst I saw on Keep these crazy sound instruments coming and let’s make some interesting music….

  2. Not as annoying as the fact that it’s a German typewriter and it’s posted on 04/20 (Adolph Hitler’s Birthday). I am certain that this was an oversight on the part of Synthtopia. Either way it’s a crappy VST in a world of crappy VST’s.

  3. Not because it’s free, because it’s a German Typewriter on 04/20 (there are two reasons 4/20 is known- one is bad- Hitler, the other one is a very GOOD reason -420!) Maybe I am being too sensitive right now, But the sound of a German typewriter scares the schnitzel out of me !!!
    Seriously folks, why the hell would anyone want this app? So much novelty, not enough funk!
    If there must be ‘novelty’ apps, make something that is actually cool, like it makes sounds from a Vincent Black Shadow motorbike or has over 1,000 sound effects from vintage porn, anything would be better…

  4. Honestly, I am usually in 420 mode, and to quote Mr. Horse:
    “No sir, I didn’t like it!” But I finally figured a USE for this app,
    sound efx! Why? Because it is darn hard to find a typewriter these days!
    I searched this office, not even a broken one….

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