Electro-Music 2009 Festival Announced

electro-music-2009Electro-Music 2009 – a three day electronic music conference & music festival – will be held at the Star Lake Camp in Bloomingdale, New Jersey, October 29 – 31, 2009.

The program will include three full days of concerts, seminars, demonstrations, and jam sessions. The scope of this festival is very broad, covering all aspects of electro-music: experimental electronic music, circuit bending, computer music, electro-jazz, modular synthesis, musique concrete, improvisation, algorithmic composition, multi-media, visual art and much more. The focus will be on participant involvement, sharing, community development, audience education, and great music.

The majority of the activities at electro-music 2009 will be contributions of members of electro-music.com, an international community of composers and musicians that share a passion for electro-music.

You can view video highlights of a previous event below:

You can actively participate in electro-music 2009 by performing music or visuals, giving a seminar, workshop, or demonstration, joining the jam sessions, or by volunteering to help with various tasks.

Details at the Electro-Music site.

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