Daft Punk Unmasked

Daft Punk’s Thomas Bangalter surprised the crowd at Los Angeles’s Cinespace yesterday by jumping on the decks, unmasked – and “everybody jizzed in their pants“.

In my book, though, Daft Punk unmasked is right up there Kiss unmasked and Darth Vader unmasked.

Put the mask back on, already!

Do we really want to know that the robot dude looks like Serge Gainsbourg or somebody?

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2 thoughts on “Daft Punk Unmasked

  1. Lame how the crowd glorifies the DJ instead of dancing and enjoying the party! Retarded stardom behavior! Sound is phat but he should have kept the robot mask on!

  2. Hard to see him from the shitty camerawork, and SAS is right, everyone whoring him and not enjoying the music. Too bad it's distorted, sounds like some great stuff he's playing.

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