4 thoughts on “The Crystal Method’s Drown In The Now

  1. CM with Matthew? Oh YEAH!!! CM are Gods, the "Vegas" album is one of the top albums ever,
    electronic or otherwise. Here they are on the world beat tip, and of course it's cool as hell.
    This video sort of makes up for all the nerd rock videos we've had to endure lately!

  2. Crystal Method have long had a thing for including urban cityscapes in their visual branding, since "Busy Child". Some very nice melodies in here, but I have to confess, it's punchy-yet-too-familiar ground. I can't really differentiate it from the many Crystal Method copycats (including those who do it for energy drink products) that've sprouted over the year, but I like how dynamic the arrangement is — not a horrendously repetitive loop.

    The visual style is kinda like Renaissance

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