A Tasty Bit Of Berlin School Synthesis

If you like old-school Klaus Schulze and Tangerine Dream, you’ll want to check out RJ Vanderson’s Earth Moving, above, a tasty bit of Berlin-school synthesis.

More about Vanderson below and at his SoundClick page.

About Vanderson

Vanderson – (real name Maciej Wierzchowski) born 1978 in Poland.

In early 90’s he started dj-mixing and produced first simply electro – pop tracks.  In the 1998 – 2002 Vanderson plays on small live party’s, techno – clubs, TV shows and make some of electronic tracks
(unofficial relase of album Earth 2001)

In 2006 join to the Polish project “Contemporary Electronic Soundscapes” and make some live shows in Poland. Now Vanderson cooperated with German label SynGate and concentrated on his big passion – sequencer music of the 70-80s and work on the new records.

Albums (as Vanderson):
2003 – Earth 2001
2006 – Olsztyn Live (EP)
2007 – Echoes Of Darkness
2007 – Fluorescentix (EP)
2008 – Music In My Mind

Albums (as X-Vire/Vanderson’s Groove Project)
2006 – Con-Sequence (EP)
2007 – Magnetic (EP)
2007 – Entropia
2008 – Going To Nowhere

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One thought on “A Tasty Bit Of Berlin School Synthesis

  1. Timely! I've been on a Berlin School binge for the past few weeks.

    A decent track (some minor qualms with it, but no deal-breakers), definitely sticks to Berlin School tightly.

    Too bad the SoundClick site sucks, otherwise I'd try to find out more about the artist. :

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