Intelligent Gadgets’ Mandala Music

mandala-musicInspired by instruments like the Hang drum and other idiophones, Intelligent Gadget’s Mandala Music is a virtual percussion instrument for the iPhone.

The instrument consists of eight notes arranged in a circle or Mandala around a central note (called the ding on a Hang).

The sound, which is generated by an FM synthesizer, is varied by four controls: octave, frequency, modulation, and decay.

The notes are based on the scale selected in the settings window. Thirty-three different scales from around the world used in first-generation Hang drums are provided.

A tuning setting allows the player to change the key of the instrument.

Mandala Music is $.99 in the iTunes App Store.

If you’ve used Mandala Music, leave a comment with your thoughts.

One thought on “Intelligent Gadgets’ Mandala Music

  1. I bought it. It's pretty nice. My only complaint is without headphones it's darn quiet, I mean really really quiet. Maybe they could slap a cheapo compresser on there or per note volume…

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