Grandmaster Flash Mix Remix SoundCloud Competition


SoundCloud has announce a Grandmaster Flash Mix Competition. Make a mix using a couple of tracks from his new album The Bridge: A Concept Of Culture, mess it up, upload it and maybe win some cool stuff:

Download the two tracks below and include them on a half hour DJ mix.

Use whatever methods you like. Get creative. Double it up and scratch it. Just make sure that it’s hot. You can use the FREE, fully functional TRAKTOR PRO demo version. Download here:

Several winners will be chosen to win some serious prizes, including a set of Traktor DJ equipment and a chance to have their mix aired on the Diesel-U Music radio show.

Details here.

One thought on “Grandmaster Flash Mix Remix SoundCloud Competition

  1. I still want Grandmaster Flash and Richie Hawtin to collaborate, I enjoyed their casual conversations in those NI promo videos.

    Heavy bleach bypass-esque effect going on in that pic!

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