Macbeth Modular Synthesizer Bringing Sexy Back To Monster Synths


Macbeth Studio Systems has announced a new line of large-format synth modules, the Macbeth X-Series Modular Synthesizer, that promises to bring sexy back to monster synths.

I’m a fan of large-format modular synths, but development in small-format modulars has been more active in recent years.

Ken Macbeth’s doing his part to change that, though, with the X-Series Modular Synthesizer:

Introducing the MacBeth X-Series Modular Synthesizer! This is the start of an on going
open plan system aimed at discerning and creative musicians. The 5U format is
an established one and has been around since the sixties. More and more- electronic
music artists are seeking to expand the palette of their synthesizer tools into modular
analogue synthesizers.

The images throughout this article are mock ups or you could call them artists impressions.
The next time this website is updated- you will be seeing the real thing.

The sound samples that I have put up here are from the prototype circuits that are now
identical to the production model pcbs.

I plan to produce a rack frame that will fit into 19″ 10 or 12U rack casing- I’d like to
house the first system in a portable 12U SKB pop-up rack case!

Prices for this equipment will appear on this website very shortly- so keep looking!

Macbeth has information up on two modules – the X-Series Dual Oscillator Module and X-Series ‘Backend’ Filter Modules. They’re big modules that, together, will make a complete synth.

Complex modules make sense in a large-format system, where so much of the cost is just the faceplate and knobs.

Take a look at Macbeth’s new synth modules, start saving your money – and leave a comment with your thoughts!

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