miniMusic Pianofly

This is a video intro to the Pianofly music application (App Store link) from miniMusic for the iPhone and iPod Touch. PianoFly is $1.99.

If you’ve used PianoFly, leave a comment with your thoughts!


Pianofly is a powerful musical instrument, featuring a revolutionary scrolling keyboard. You don’t tap buttons to reach higher or lower parts of the piano, you just drag the keyboard to quickly reach all 88 keys! You can even scroll while you’re playing for scales or long runs. This is the way the piano was meant to be played on the iPhone.

And that’s just the beginning. Pianofly includes dozens of different instrument sounds. Tap on a sound icon and play. After you choose a sound, expand the keyboard to fill the screen.

What’s that? Dozens of instruments aren’t enough? Then double tap on an instrument icon and you can edit every aspect of the sound. You can even edit the sound while you’re playing! Edit any of the existing instrument sounds, or design a new one. Copy and paste to easily make variations of existing sounds. You can fill all eight pages for a total of 80 different instruments.

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