Swine Flu As Ambient Music

Swine flu has been sequenced, genetically and now as ambient music:


Here are the details on this:

The algorithm I used is a bit complicated, but just in case you’re curious: since the gene is expressed as a surface protein antibodies can sense, it’s considered as a string of amino acids.  Each beat corresponds to one amino acid, and the piece is in 3/4 time, so each six measures would correspond to five turns around the alpha structure.  (I’m weaseling because I haven’t the foggiest idea how the protein actually gets folded.)

Amino acids with side chains that are neither aromatic not aliphatic control the piano and organ: the nine non-hydrophobics the piano, and the four hydrophobics the organ. The three amino acids with aliphatic side chains control the low synthesizer, while the four with aromatics control the percussion.

Yeah – it’s pretty horrible, but at least swine flu music won’t kill you.

via Stephan Zielinski

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  1. Christ enough with the damn flu already. Rolling Stone had it on their site today, nerd sites like Ars Technika did, and here? Enough already!

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