Free Glitch Sequencer For Mac, PC

Glitch Sequencer is a free cellular automaton based MIDI sequencer for the PC and Mac.

It offers an interesting style of composition based on evolving patterns and is great for fast, fluid experimentation.

Glitch Sequencer was written by Bret Truchan in Processing using themidibus MIDI library.

See the video above for an overview of Glitch Sequencer. More videos and documentation are available at the Glitch Sequencer site.

If you’ve used Glitch Sequencer, leave a comment with your thoughts!

Glitch Sequencer Demo

9 thoughts on “Free Glitch Sequencer For Mac, PC

  1. I am unable to get this to work on my iMac running OS 10.5.6. There is a text file saying that to get it to run you need to execute some Unix command because the Mac OS won't recognize it as an executable. I tried to do that but it failed and not being a Unix jock I don't understand how to make it work.

    But the program did start — which means that the Mac OS did recognize it as an executable. And I could fill the boxes. But I don't hear anything when I click on play.

    Maybe I better take a closer look at the online documentation and videos.

  2. Tried it again and it still won't run. Maybe I do need to use that Unix command. When I try it I get a message that says "no such file or directory". I think my problem is that I don't know how to specify the path to application which resides in its own folder inside of my Applications folder.

    Any help with this would be most appreciated.



  3. It also requires mmj:

    Download file from the download page.
    Unzip file anywhere.
    You must set the glitchSequencer application to "executable". Using the Terminal on Mac OS X, navigate into the directory where you unzipped the Glitch Sequencer files and type the following: chmod +x
    You must download and install mmj (Mac OS X universal binary java Midi subsystem) from

    For geeks only at this point.

  4. Ok Its actually easy to install and you dont need mmj or whatever.
    I will do as I have done to get this to work. just change the few words if you need to.
    okay open the terminal then navigate to the folder the app is in. Since I saved mine and extracted it to Downloads I typed: cd Downloads
    That took me to that folder. then I typed cd GlitchSequencer
    That took me within that folder. after that just type: chmod +x
    Then you may double click on the app and it will open fine.

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