Nursery of Naughtiness — Thug

If The Crystal Method got exceptionally silly, they might be something like Nursery of Naughtiness. This is Thug, from their new EP, Wreckless.

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Download from December 8th!

Nursery of Naughtiness are quickly developing into one of the most exciting electronic acts coming from the North of England, deftly mixing together a heady fusion of beats, electronics, live guitars, synths and chunky bass.

Taken from their new EP “Wreckless”, Thug finds the NoN restating their take-no-prisoners approach to making music.Video directed by David Ainley

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4 thoughts on “Nursery of Naughtiness — Thug

  1. This is perhaps the sorriest excuse for slow-motion gunfighting I have ever witnessed. These guys need to go watch that episode of "Spaced" a few more times. Good concept, though.

  2. Thanks for the interest…

    Check out our video for The Requiem

    and our new single Trip It Up

    Hopefully you'll agree they're loads better!!

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