A Synth Tattoo Gallery


Synthgear has put together a gallery of synth tattoos, like this awesome monome tat and the Moog Minimoog tattoo, below.

If you’ve got an awesome synth tattoo, leave a link in the comments. If you’ve got a nasty photo of your half-naked hairy body sporting an irritated, splotchy tattoo, wait a week or two and take another picture.


And if one of these tats is yours, leave a comment with your synth tat story!

3 thoughts on “A Synth Tattoo Gallery

  1. I've been thinking about getting a synth themed tattoo for a while now. I have a few ideas that I need to sell myself on first though. I've been thinking modular parts on various parts of my body. Audio jack and power switch at the base of my neck, or maybe inside my wrist, oscillator and filter knobs down the spine or something. Still thinking about it for now.

  2. The thing about ink is, take what you think your tat will look like and hang it on your fridge for a month. If you are not sick of it after 30 days it will probably be adequate content for a tattoo.
    You never want to get something trendy that will be silly in a few years (like the monome-when it's obsolete that tat won't make much sense, will it?). The Moog is a MUCH better subject for ink,
    the Moog logo and instruments are considered 'timeless'. Keep in mind that once you are inked,
    the only way to change it is to cover it up (often unappealing) or get the laser (VERY painful, VERY expensive, and VERY ugly).

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