Enter The Mind Of Bob Moog And Preview The Moogseum

moog-posterThe Bob Moog Foundation’s Enter the Mind of Moog will celebrate Bob Moog‘s 75th birthday, and offer an opportunity to experience a working version of the planned Moogseum, as the Bob Moog Foundation will transform the Orange Peel into an educational sonic playground for all ages.

According to The Foundation, “attendees will be immersed in an interactive experience guiding them through the work and life of synthesizer pioneer and innovator Bob Moog.”

All proceeds from the evening will benefit the Foundation’s hallmark project, the Moogseum, to be located in Asheville, NC.

Interactive instrument-based exhibits will be set up to connect attendees to the unique sounds and interfaces that helped make the Moog name a legacy in the worlds of science, music and innovation.

Highlights include a “Theremin Tour”, where visitors will be guided by Bob Moog Foundation volunteers to play the early electronic musical instrument in various audio configurations as well as see it used as a video mixing tool, the “Synthesizer Lounge”, comprised of a bay of synthesizers available for attendees to explore and the Moogerfooger Remix Station which will highlight the power of the the Moog signal processing tools. Attendees are encouraged to bring their iPods or other playback devices to remix original music through Moog equipment.

The Interactive Timeline will guide the viewer through specific eras of Moog’s career and document the evolution of the Bob Moog Foundation. The Bob Moog Foundation will unveil a Mini-Moogseum installation to be featured permanently at the Orange Peel. The Mini-Moogseum, a beautiful showcase crafted by Chris Perryman of Domus Aurea Woodworking, will house a small exhibit of the pioneer’s archives, tell the story of his impact on the world of music, highlight his connection to the Asheville community and feature a custom built theremin, designed by Bob’s former student and protege, Steve Dunnington.

Throughout the evening, four Bob Moog Foundation House Bands (comprised of four all-star bands of local artists) will be recording a four song album live on stage. These songs will be recorded as if in a studio with each musician layering their part individually over one another. At the end of the recording process, we will have an EP album ready to be mixed. The songs will then be performed live by each band that recorded them.The original songs composed for the occasion pull from four different genres: acoustic, funk, indie rock and pop.

Jay Sanders will lead the acoustic selection of the evening, with each acoustic instrument being treated to some special Moog electronic processing. Jeff Knorr will use Moog equipment in the creation of a funk song; the drumming, Moog synthesizer as the bass and electric piano will all be processed through Moogerfoogers. Josh Phillips – will feature Josh’s vocals layered on top of Mooged-Out drums, bass and guitar. Joey Szabo will lead a song featuring the Theremin as the lead instrument accompanied by drums, bass, guitar, and vocals.

A silent auction will include such items as a Moog Little Phatty Synthesizer and a full day of recording at Echo Mountain Studios.

Finally, in celebration of the pioneer’s 75th birthday, there will be a display of 10-12 birthday cakes designed and donated by area artisan bakeries. The cakes will be judged by a panel of judges for their originality of design and concept. At the end of the evening, we will be sharing these cakes with all attendees.

For more information on the Moogseum, visit www.moogseum.com

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