Casper Electronics Drone Lab

This is a demo of the new Casperelectronics Drone Lab.

The Drone Lab is an analog sound module specially designed for making dense, rich drones. This video features three going at once.

Each unit has:

  • 4 oscillators. 2 can be pitch modulated by dividers. 2 can be volume modulated by dividers.
  • 1 resonant low pass filter
  • 2 band pass filters
  • 1 fuzz circuit
  • 1 pulse generator LFO
  • 2 adjustable pulse dividers for making rhythmic sequences.

More info, including ordering info and schematics (build your own!), are available at the Casperelectronics site. You can also download a higher quality version of the full 12 minute audio recording from this video at the above address.

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