Futurjara – A Hybrid Fujara

OT: This is a demo of the Futujara, an experimental instrument based on the fujara, a large folk shephard’s fipple flute.

It makes an amazing range of sounds that are not immediately identifiable as coming from a particular instrument.


  • Five instruments in one: four fujaras (C,D,A,G) and one overtone flute in A!
  • Extremely maneaurable. The hose gives you possibility to use kalyuka technique
  • Very well tuned in western concert temperated tuning
  • Collapsible (no hassle during transportation)
  • Extremely light
  • Professional quality of sound
  • The holes are close together so you can use different fingering and apply the techniques from other flutes (see video for details)
  • Very easy to play, everybody can start playing right away!
  • Highly durable, made from PVC
  • Cheapest fujara ever!
  • UNIQUE: not present on a market anywhere else!

NOTE: you should disconnect the hose from time to time and get the water out!

via nadishana

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