The Mattson Mini Modular


The Mattson Mini Modular is a new modular synthesizer designed to be a portable analog modular synth. The modules conform to the electrical audio and CV standards of most of the currently available systems and can be cross-patchable with other manufacturers systems.

Each cabinet contains space for 12 modules fed by an external power supply, providing for a truly portable, 12 module, analog modular system. Multiple cabinets may be interconnected horizontally and vertically to create a modular system of any desired size and configuration.

When you’re ready to go, each pair of cabinets latch face-to face into a compact enclosure measuring 11-3/8” (28.89cm) W X 15” (38.1cm) H X 7” (17.78cm) D. Each system has been designed to interlock with additional systems, horizontally and vertically, for system expansion.

Shown above is Smashing Pumpkin’s Billy Corgan’s MMM modular synthesizer.

Currently available modules include:

Details are available at the Mattson Mini Modular wiki.

If you’ve used a Mattson Mini Modular synthesizer, leave a comment with your thoughts.

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