Traffica Voca Electronica

Sunday Synth Jam: Traffica Voca Electronica comes via JeffreyPlaide:

This track is a very unusual composition in that there are very few musical elements in the assemblage. Small samples of sound are spliced together to form various loops. Ethereal sinewaves connect various noises to the vocoded spoken word passages.

The spoken word segment is actually the voice of Peter Zinovieff, whom with his EMS synthesizer company in Britain in the early 1970s produced the classic VCS3 range and Synthi 100 voltage controlled synthesizers. He is actually speaking about the advantages of making sequenced electronic music rather than by cutting up magnetic tape of recorded sounds

Today, it is much easier for the experimental musician to create music with computer software and editing techniques than it was in the late 1960s when Peter was experimenting. This sound collage represents a kind of special tribute to Peter Zinovieff and EMS, albeit in a very unusual arrangement of un-related samples and sinewave tones, culminating to the vocoded spoken word conclusion.

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