Control Ableton Live With Your iPhone

MSA Remote is a remote control application for iPhone & iPod Touch that sends OSC messages over your WiFi network. This lets you control any OSC supporting applications, including Max/MSP/Jitter, PureData, Reaktor, VDMX, vvvv, Resolume, Quartz Composer etc.

In this video, OSCulator is routing the OSC (& TUIO) messages coming from MSA Remote to midi and forwarding to Ableton Live and VDMX simultaneously. Nothing is done in post, the same signal is controlling both audio and video.

At the beginning of the video you can see the polyphonic velocity sensitive keys in action (yes, the harder you hit the keys, the louder the sound – works equally well when the iphone is laid on a table), and later on the faders, triggers and multitouch touch-pad.

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  1. All the velocty sensitive apps I’ve used on the iPod have used the accelerometer. It’s far from perfect but does work most of the time so long as the iPod is kept still.

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