Free Download: Variations On Tangerine Dream’s Love On A Real Train

Torley’s Tangerine Dream Love On A Real Train Piano Variations is a classical piano work based on Tangerine Dream’s electronic music based on Steve Reich’s classical ensemble works based on his experimental electroacoustic work and his experiences with West African rhythms.

Torley explains it better:

I was humming Tangerine Dream’s Love on a Real Train (as featured in Risky Business) so much (mostly because I can’t whistle) that I decided to improvise some piano variations around it.

It’s a free download, from the player above or via Torley’s site, where you can also watch his piano-roll style video for the work. To download, click the down arrow in the SoundCloud player.

Leave a comment with your thoughts on Torley’s take on a Tangerine Dream classic.

3 thoughts on “Free Download: Variations On Tangerine Dream’s Love On A Real Train

  1. On a related note (I assure you), I once had a dream someone made a mashup between "Love On a Real Train" and the Orb's "Little Fluffy Clouds", which contains an actual Reich composition sample as played by Pat Metheny, I believe. This may have to happen someday… SO HYPNOTIZED.

    Thanks for posting this!

  2. BlueBrat – No doubt that the original is awesome and gets stuck in your brain.

    Torley's take is crazy original, though!

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