Boing Boing Looking For 8-Bit Composers

atari-campBoing Boing’s Offworld has put out a call to chiptunes composers, asking for help to score a couple of old films about Atari Computer Camp:

Boing Boing has come into possession of some wicked footage of an anonymous Atari Computer Camp excursion that has everything you could ever want from grainy stock video: namely, yellowed and over-saturated money shots of retro-tech, and a bevy of over-eager and still-innocent pre-teens banging out BASIC to make crossword crosses out of the words Van Halen (no joke!) and gawping at the awesome limitless power and future of computers.

Here’s the catch: neither of the videos — the first clocking in at about seven minutes, and the second coming in at seven and a half — have any sound at all.

And so: given Offworld/Boing Boing’s sizable audience of chiptune/junk-tech musicians, we thought we’d throw the score open to you. If you’re interested in submitting some of your music for the videos, which will be broadcast on BBtv at a later date, send an email to [email protected] with the subject line “Atari Computer Camp” and we’ll dig through and select our favorites from there. Bonus points awarded for (but certainly not limited to) composing on actual 8-bit Atari tech.

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