Sequential Modulated Complexities

Sequential Modulated Complexities

This experimental composition uses sequences from the SynFactory 1.15 Interactive Modular Software Synthesizer to create musical lines and phrasings. Multiple sinewave generators were ring-modulated with three more sinewave oscillators and fed into a sixteen-step sequencer, then output to a short stereo delay.

The oscillators and step sequencer were adjusted in real-time to create the cascading arpeggios and enharmonic ring oscillations. Stereo sweeping phaser effects were applied particularly towards the conclusion of the composition. Ambient arpeggiated pads were added from a Korg R3 synthesizer to create the surreal rhythms that connect the ring oscillations from the SynFactory 1.15 software.

The composition in its final form was re-equalised and shortened using cross-fades to eliminate abrupt harmonic changes. The visuals are modular synthesizer animated graphics and blended with backgrounds created on the Supernova 12 analogue video synthesizer.

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