Using Twitter As Source Of Sounds For Making Music In Ableton Live

Brian Green is creating generative music in Ableton Live using sounds shared on Twitter as source material, and is looking for other musical techies to connect with on Twitter:

What i did in the video is i took the amazing software by soundplusdesign and i made a sound, i then went to the soundplusdesign twitter and another person i follow Ojects and i used a sound from each of them, i then used my generative set up with ableton and put each of the three sounds into a chain and started to mix them up together.

I have to be honest i was recently thinking of deleting my twitter i realized how its really not that usefull to me but i thought before i get rid of it lets try this tweet a sound thing out and im glad i have it now.

THE PLAN: so this is what i want to do im going to keep making videos of this little project, but what i want you all to do even if you don’t make electronic music, even if you dont make any kind of music download this program and mess around with it post some tweets of what you make.

Basically i want to follow a bunch of people who do use this and keep messing around with sounds we all create and make little videos and tracks such as the one below. Follow me and post a link to your twitter in the comments section of this page if you are doing this i will also post a little list of people who are tweeting sound as well as i come across them.

Details on Tweet A Sound here.

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