Fischerspooner “We Are Electric” Music Video

The new music video for We Are Electric, from Fischerspooner‘s album Entertainment.

In the video, singer Casey Spooner wears the iconic hat featured on the Entertainment album cover created by Nasir Mazhar and Lite Brite neon. Lite Brite also created the neon sculptures featured as set pieces. Casey wears fashions by Jil Sander, Gareth Pugh and Romain Kremer. Andrew Schneider created the video mouth helmet.

Directed / Edited by Jason Cacioppo & Adam Dugas through Subvoyant. Director of photography Jason Cacioppo, imaged with RED ONE in New York City at the historic Performing Garage. DI color correction and RED services by Offhollywood, colorist Robbie Renfrow.

Directors: Jason Cacioppo & Adam Dugas
DP: Jason Cacioppo
Producer: Adam Dugas
AC: Patrick Riordan
Colorist: Robbie Renfrow
Choreographer: Vanessa Walters
Stylist: K8 Hardy
Makeup: Tracy Alfajora
Lighting: Ben Kopald
Video Helmet: Andrew Schneider
Production Company: Subvoyant
Camera, DI Color Correct and RED Services: Offhollywood, colorist Robbie Renfrow

3 thoughts on “Fischerspooner “We Are Electric” Music Video

  1. I want Fischerspooner to collaborate with Lady Gaga and Empire of the Sun — they're all up there in terms of exuberant, no-apologies fashion. A simple-but-original trick here is how the drums are panned left and right, that's hardly ever employed on modern dance tricks. I wonder how it works out on bigger sound systems, e.g., if it compels everyone towards the right side where the chunkier groove is playing. 🙂

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